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Directions Hair Dye

Directions hair dye has been a firm favourite with customers in our Birmingham shop for the best part of 30 years, the range of colours and the long lasting effects make Directions one of the best semi permanent hair dyes around. Click here for instructions:
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Pillarbox Red Flamingo Pink Directions Violet
Directions Atlantic Blue Directions Lagoon Blue Directions Turquoise Hair Dye
Directions Apple GreenHair Dye Directions Vermillion Red Hair Dye Directions Tangerine Hair Dye
Directions Alpine Green Hair Dye Directions Apricot Hair Dye Directions Carnation Pink
Directions Cerise Hair Dye Coral Red Directions Daffodil Yellow
Directions White Toner Directions Dark Tulip Hair Dye Directions Ebony Hair Dye
Directions Fire Red Hair Dye Directions Flame Red Hair Dye Directions lavender
Directions lilac Directions Mandarin Hair Dye Directions Midnight Blue
Directions Neon Blue Pastel Pink hair dye Directions Plum
Poppy Red Rose Red Rose Red
Rose Red
Once opened, Directions dye lasts for 12 months so if you’re only dying streaks or the tips of your hair then one tub will last you for ages. The colours in the Directions range are all mixable, so if you can’t find the exact shade you want you can mix it yourself.

Another thing our customers love about Directions hair dye is that it has a great conditioning effect, particularly important if you bleach your hair. While we’re on the subject of bleaching, as with all semi permanent dyes, Directions works best on bleached hair. This is particularly true of bright and light colours like Flamingo Pink, Lagoon Blue and Lavender. Darker shades of Directions dye can be used on natural hair to give a tint, but in general the darker your hair the less visible the effects will be. If you want to get the best out of light colours, the Directions hair dye range also includes a white toner that can be used prior to applying dye to give you a really white base to work with.

If you have any questions about how to get the best out of Directions don’t hesitate to get in touch.