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‘Crazy Colour’ – One of the World’s Most Trusted Hair Color Brands

More than 40 years ago, when brilliant U.K. hairstylist Renato Brunas was at the pinnacle of his hairdressing career, he developed a range of semi-permanent hair coloring creams, which he named Crazy Colour. And Crazy Colour’s philosophy is still the same today: ‘We want our customers to have the freedom to express themselves openly.’

The Crazy Colour range has become one of the world’s most reliable and trusted hair color brands, partly because its conditioning ingredients are gentle on the hair and because it allows users to transform their hair without using peroxide. Most of all, who doesn’t love the idea that a Crazy Colour semi-permanent hair color cream can instantly change your look and so dramatically!

Coincidently, Crazy Colour was launched by Renato Brunas in 1977 at the same time as the punk rock explosion hit Britain. This, of course, was perfect timing because rebellion and free expression ruled supreme, so Renato decided to go all out and push the boundaries of color with his range of rainbow shades. While the original line only contained 20 colors, they were in strong demand by both professional stylists and radical street kids. During this rebellious era, hair was no exception to the rule. Forms were geometrical, lines were jagged, and tresses were spiked into mohawks, and Crazy Colour stepped in to deliver the glorious and vivid hair colors people were searching for.

Every iconic pink bottle of Crazy Colour contains a dramatic hair color that’s designed to turn heads. Why not create your own trend by mixing it your own way, creating the perfect shade that matches your style.

Available in 41 stunning and beautiful shades, a Crazy Colour semi-permanent hair color cream will last on bleached hair for 2 to 3 months.

Today, Crazy Colour has an international presence in more than 50 countries and is renowned as the U.K.’s No. 1 professional hair color group.

Acknowledged as one of the most in-demand hair dyes in the U.K., Crazy Colour offers a fantastic selection of rainbow colors. These colors can be used separately or mixed together to express individual personalities uniquely. Because a professional and experienced hairstylist invented crazy Colour, these high-quality products give your hair exactly what it needs to be healthy yet still shine bright in color.

Crazy Colour is a strong supporter of sub-cultures, including club kids, drag queens, trans-community members, avant-garde make-up artists, and more. Crazy Colour believes in celebrating differences and continuing to innovate for future success

Crazy Colour’s Wide Range of Products

Crazy Colour offers it all, from semi-permanent hair dyes, temporary hair dyes, and professional hair color products to protect the hair after being colored.

Each bottle of Crazy Colour contains 100ml of conditioning color, making it perfect for special dyeing effects, especially if you want to try a few colors at once.

How adventurous are you? If you’re one of the rare people who haven’t yet tried a Crazy Colour hair product, why not give it a go? The products are straightforward to use, and if you have any queries at all, there’s plenty of advice and helpful tips from professional hairstylists on their webpage.

Colour Crazy Is the Ideal Product for –

o Adding just a hint of color on natural light hair
o Adding life and shine to natural hair
o Glowing colors on light bleached hair
o Achieving a richer, longer-lasting color
o Reviving faded oxidation on tinted hair
o Colour re-pigmenting over bleached hair
o Conditioning to add richness and depth to hair

Crazy Colour FAQs

Is Crazy Colour Cruelty-Free and Vegan Friendly?

The answer to both questions is yes. Crazy Colour understands that their customers want to make educated and ethical choices. None of their products have been tested on animals, and their products are free from both animal ingredients and animal-derived ingredients, which makes them vegan friendly.

How Can I Check to See If I’m Allergic to Crazy Colour Products?

Most clients have no adverse reactions to Crazy Colour hair dye because it’s PPD-free and manufactured with a gentle plant-based formulation. However, when using any hair product, we always suggest that you perform a patch test first.

My Crazy Colour Purple Has Now Faded out to Blue – How Can I Get Rid of the Blue?

Colour Theory 101 states that a blue base must make a purple shade; we also know that the blue undertone will be the last to fade out in any purple shade.

If you want to stop the fade, you need to top up your color every couple of weeks. Also, make sure your hair care routine is not stripping out your color. However, if you want to remove the blue color entirely, you’ll need a sachet of Crazy Color® Back to Base Remover. This product takes your hair back to its pre-lightened shade by removing any unwanted color.

If your problem is that the blue color stays in your hair when you want it removed, you can quickly fade it to a pastel blue by using warm water with a clarifying shampoo.

How Long Do Crazy Colour Hair Dyes Last Unopened?

Your Crazy Colour semi-permanent hair dye will last approximately 30 months from its date of manufacture if left unopened. However, once the hair dye has been opened, and providing it has been carefully sealed after each use and stored away from sunlight and extreme cold or heat, it should last for at least 12 months without any adverse reaction to your hair.

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