Directions Hair Dye Colors

Flame Directions Hair Dye Colors

La Riche Flame Directions Hair Dye: The Funky Semi-Permanent Hair Colour That Lasts!

Flame Directions is a semi-permanent hair colour that comes with many bonuses, the major one being that the colour lasts for up to 6 weeks. Designed by La Riche more than 30 years ago, this popular product is used by people of all ages worldwide.

And because Directions semi-permanent hair colour lasts and lasts, you’ll have your beautiful hair colour for many weeks to come.

Another bonus of La Riche Flame semi-permanent hair colours is that they’re so easy to apply. Each excellent hair colour comes with easy-to-follow step-by-step directions.

So if you’re looking for something a little different from a reliable manufacturer, you simply can’t go wrong using La Riche hair coloring products. Simple instructions – easy application – stunning colours: everything you need to make that hair colour change you’ve always wanted.

Every hair colour from La Riche contains ample hair dye to ensure you get excellent coverage, so now you have the freedom to cover your hair entirely or have streaks or dip dye – and don’t forget you can mix these colours together to create your own unique shade.

Imagine strutting your stuff and being the only one showcasing your unique Directions hair colour! There’s so much fun to be had with these semi-permanent hair dyes – you can create a new ‘you’ every time you change colours.

La Riche fully intended for their hair colours to be unique and deliver an eye-catching effect. You can mix colours for your own personal shade, and you’ll find that their range of 34 unique shades is definitely spectacular. Why not check out the reviews for La Riche hair dye, and you’ll see first-hand just how popular these crazy colours are. Keep in mind that the results you achieve from your new hair colour will depend on your hair type and the porosity of your base hair colour.

Notable Features of La Riche Semi-Permanent Hair Colours

• These hair colours are a long-lasting semi-permanent hair dye, which can last up to 6 weeks;
• The 88ml tub will easily cover shoulder-length hair, transforming it with glorious colour;
• This is an ethical brand, and products are not tested on animals;
• 30 fabulous colours to choose from;
• Contains no peroxide, which means it’s best used on pre-lightened or light coloured hair;
• Can also be used on untreated hair to achieve a subtle tint;
• These products are vegan friendly;
• Simply follow the easy-to-read instructions on the tub for great results.

What the Reviewers Say

Andrea said: ‘Directions hair colour is the only dye I ever use when looking for a bright, fun colour. You can mix colours to create your own exotic shade or lighten a colour up with conditioner to make a pastel colour. Works really well over both dark and lightened hair. I used it on my extensions and was thrilled with the result. Can’t recommend highly enough!’

Kaye said: ‘One month already is gone, and my hair colour still looks fantastic. The hair colour I used had an interesting effect. After four weeks of shampooing every second day, some of my hair stayed turquoise, some looks blue, and other parts look green, but let me say that my hair looks absolutely amazing, having all these different shades of colour blending into each other.’

Sally said:’ I have shoulder-length hair, and the amount of hair dye was undoubtedly enough to cover all my hair. I genuinely love my beautiful and exotic hair colour. The instructions were easy to follow, and the hair dye was easy to apply. Next time I plan on buying two different colours and mixing them!’

Patrick said: ‘I love the outlandish shades of La Riche semi-permanent hair dyes. I’ve used many for my stage performances, and friends are always asking how I get my exotic hair colours. I’ve recommended these hair dyes to many people.’

Stacey said: ‘My daughter was playing a clown in a school play, and a friend recommended Directions hair colour. The effect was amazing! We actually used three different colours for three different effects. It was so much fun.’
Favorite Hair Dye Colors by La Rich Directions


Directions Hair dye is often compared with the Manic Panic dye brand as both have many vibrant colors.

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